Monday, 11 January 2010

Wedding Day Make Up

Wedding Day Make Up Is A Topic Which Deserves Capital Letters. I am ever so slightly worried/scared at the prospect of having to get my makeup perfect for the day. I understand there are professionals out there but I would really like to not have to afford one. I am pretty creative and artistic so any tips or hints I can get from the pros I religiously storing away to pull out like a rabbit from a hat on the Big Day. PHOTO FINISH FOUNDATION PRIMER
smashbox - Photo Finish Foundation Primer $36

Primer is one of those things you can't see so I often overlook it unless I'm given a tiny tester of it and then all of a sudden I understand. This is the stuff beauty queens, models and Natalie Portman are made of. This is the stuff of legends...

Okay maybe that's a bit over the top but really if it means I won't look like a clown with dramatic dripping makeup sliding off my (by then perfect) jawline I am ecstatic. The above comes highly recommended by the pros and apparently everybody else. 

Just a pinch @ $36 ca 30 quid - you better be worth it!

More to come....

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