Wednesday, 13 January 2010


You know I can't do anything the easy way. Why not get a loan from the bank, ask a relative, blow your savings and blast it One Wonderful Wedding Day and quite probably an Epic Honeymoon?? Nooooo.... I have to make sure that my wedding is frugal, recycled and second hand to the point of insanity. Don't worry with only 9 months to go I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I really can't do everything and I will have to pay for a professional on some points at least.

One of these points is THE DRESS.

The options are these:
  1. Buy the fabric myself and have a professional (friend of the family with 20% discount) make it perfectly fitted.
  2. Buy the fabric myself and get my wonderful Oma to make it. 
  3. Buy the fabric myself and make it myself - no I am in no way qualified to do this.
  4. Buy a second hand dress.
  5. Buy a vintage dress hints from {frolic!} here
  6. Buy a brand new dress in the sale
Things that are UNDECIDED:
  1. The fabric - lace, silk, satin, crushed silk...
  2. The length - over the knee, knee length, floor length...
  3. The shape - shoulder straps, Aline, empire....
  4. The colour - white, mocha, cream, champagne...
  5. The extras - beading, lace...
reserved listing for katelyn14- Powdered Sugar Dress in Navy blueWith All My Love Dress
short or long dresses by Sarah Seven

Things I have DECIDED I don't want:
  1. a strapless dress.
  2. velvet fabric.
  3. any other colour than from the white - beige range.
  4. a two piece outfit - it has to be a dress
  5. uncomfortable
  6. scratchy
  7. cold
And with that I am a little bit less lost but I will keep you up to date!

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