Monday, 11 January 2010

And While We're On the Topic....

Beauty - this is the year of turning thirty. It is dawning on me that those - dare I say - furrows, bags, lines and larger pores are actually on my face and they need to be tackled. There is nothing like the pressure of having all of your family, long lost relatives, peers and friends ogling you on your wedding day - and forever after via flickr - to get something done about your skin. 
This occurred to me a few months ago now and I have been using antiage/anticellulite and firming creams on my skin, an added beauty serum for my face and decollete by Dove and an eye cream day and night from Roc. All relatively inexpensive as I procured them from some genius source ie. Home Bargains, eBay and Superdrug. Experimenting at first has been the best thing because I was sceptical and now I am hooked. If it has "firming" "rejuvenating" or "look younger" on it I am intrigued.
 On my ceaseless quest for any creams that will make me 10 years younger I found this:
Juice Beauty Smoothing Eye Concentrate - Juice Beauty
Juice Beauty Smoothing Eye Concentrate available from here for £28.54
Nine months to go and I'm pulling out all the stops! Tell me what do you do to make you look 10 years younger?

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