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Eating to Feel Your Best

Eating to Feel Your Best

Follow these nutrition tips now to be slim, glowing and serene at your wedding.

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Eat breakfast. "It jump-starts your metabolism," says trainer Tracy Effinger, co-author of The Wedding Workout. "And if you blow it off, you're more likely to reach for potato chips at 11:30 A.M." 

Drink water. NYC dermatologist Lisa Airan recommends about four liters a day. To keep track, she says, "buy liter bottles of water and mark them 1, 2, 3 and 4."

Choose wisely. L.A. lifestyle coach and nutritionist Jackie Keller recommends a diet of fruits and vegetables; high-fiber grains, such as whole wheat and barley; and small amounts of lean protein, especially fish. "Your skin will be fed, your eyes will be bright, your nails will be healthy."

Sleep well. "Sleep deprivation is a scenario for losing control of eating," says Stephen Gullo, a diet psychologist and author of The Thin Commandments Diet. "It can particularly increase a craving for carbs."

Pack a snack. To avoid a drop in blood sugar and a craving for candy bars, keep a nutritious snack in your purse. Snack options include soy crisps, a small amount of nuts, all-natural peanut butter on a celery stick, or a container of fat-free yogurt.

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